Backed by a team of talented professionals with over decades of experience, CVD boasts expertise in all aspects of home building, whether a simple or a complex build out, CVD envisions, plans, builds, and manages the home building process from inception to completion. We have the experience, the size, and the heart to continue to build trust within our marketplace and to continue to display how our diversity is our biggest strength. All our new homes are backed by the Tarion New Home Warranty program which provides comprehensive coverage over the final product once it has turned hands to its new owners.

What CVD has recently launched that has added to the peace of mind of homeowners is our Canada Home Plan. Once a home starts to age and warranties start to expire, we step in and take that added stress of break downs and/or future repairs and take care of it for you, giving you the coverage you need so that you know your home is protected from future wear and tear. Check out Canada Home Plan and see how it can help you today.

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